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It is an Online Quran Tutoring Academy, a leading and exclusive Online Quran Teaching Academy from the UK.  We provide the best Online Quran Classes Plus Basic Islamic Teachings to all individuals ranging from the age of 4 to 70.

Learn Quran fast is a non-partisan organization. We are providing online Quran classes that are suitable for the whole family. It is one of the best online Quran classes for kids. Our Quran tutors are ready to help students and to teach Quran online to the students who want to learn Islam and Quran online. We have developed extensive Quran courses for you and your kids that provide basic Islamic education. Our online Quran tutors utilize unique learning tools and combine both ancient and modern methods for online Quran classes. From here you can learn the fundamental teachings of Islam and Tajweed-ul-Quran online through our innovative Islamic courses and experience it by yourself. We welcome all students interested in Quran learning.

Established by a team of Islamic scholars, Quran Teachers, and engineers, our initial aim was to form a Qualified Quran Tutors team that can serve every type of person who wants to understand and read Quran with Translation at an affordable remuneration. With an uncompromising commitment to quality, our team has produced an international standard of Education.

We are thriving to play our role as the best online Quran teaching institute. Having vast experience of teaching Tajweed, Quran memorization (Hifz), Noorani Qaida, Basic Tajweed, and Islamic studies for kids, adults, and female. There are many online Quran teaching institutes and all are doing their jobs at the best. We have been going through research and developing the basic Quran and Tajweed courses as well to be the best online Quran academy.


The Quran is a miraculous gift given to mankind. We envision reviving the position of the Quran – and hence Allah’s guidance ultimately – to become central to a Muslim’s daily life, and not just ceremonial or cultural.

The lessons of the Quran can give us guidance, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment and clarity, and they can also put us on a righteous path. We are encouraging people to learn and read the Quran online with Tarteel and Tajweed courses. You will feel confident that the holy words of the Quran will be etched into your minds and hearts forever. At Learn Quran fast, we try our best to help them beautifully learn the Quran recitation by providing the best Quran teachers from around the globe.

That’s why we started Quran Academy with a vision to become a one-stop center of articles, resources, courses, that help you to learn and understand the Quran and make it a positive and central part of your daily life.

We are providing Our services to every individual anywhere in the world who has access to a high-speed internet connection (DSL, Broadband) at an affordable cost.

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About Us

Our goal is to make authentic, comprehensive, and beneficial information about the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) accessible to as many people around the world as possible to facilitate research and promote its mainstream and broadly accepted understanding.
This website was launched in 2010. We provide a non-sectarian, comprehensive, and holistic view of Islam and Muslims. We cultivate peace, inspire action, explore positive solutions, and encourage purposeful living through the universal teachings of Islam.
We believe in and strive for the nobility of consciousness, the truthfulness of expression, and the goodness of action. We believe that peace blossoms through love and justice and in times where “me” becomes “we” and “mine” transforms to “ours”.
We believe that true faith inspires a deep reverence for life, love for the living, care for the environment, and an unwavering commitment to social justice. We believe that all creation is part of God’s (Allah’s) family while the best of people are those best to God’s (Allah’s) universal family.
We are on a mission to empower, nurture, protect and promote values that affirm human dignity, human rights, and the integrity of creation while making the world healthier, peaceful, and more beautiful.

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Online Quran Reading Course for Beginners

We have designed this course, especially for beginners.

Online Quran memorization Course

This course is for those who can read Arabic easily in a proper way.

Online Quran Tajweed Courses

The word Tajweed (Tajwid) is a verbal noun from jawwada. Meaning 'proficiency

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I have hired a number of teachers for my children for the purpose of learning the Quran but sooner or later I needed to change them usually due to the issue of timing.
These guys are absolutely best as well as their timings are very flexible. They are also very good at teaching and teachers to know to make their students learn.



Thank You Learn Quran Fast with Tajweed.

I personally read the Quran with complete Tajweed and I only prefer to read with Tajweed. Due to my busy schedule, unfortunately, I cannot give proper time to teach 3 of my kids. I hire 2 Quran Academies before, but they can not teach in the way I want. They are not following the actual Tajweed.
I found these guys (Learn Quran Fast with Tajweed) they are best in teaching the Quran with Tajweed.
Thank You – Highly Recommended – You can trust and hire them.

Adil Balti


Happy with service and polite response to inquiries. My daughter is happy with the teaching and the convenience of short 30 minute lessons at the weekend. I find the weekly reminder for lessons via WhatsApp helpful too

Ehsan Khondaker


This portal is extremely useful for those who are willing to connect with the Quran but can’t do it due to their hectic daily routine. The courses are quite extensive and tutors are really helpful.
Indeed, a highly recommended Learn Quran fast website for all!